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mental health therapy & Medication

David Sullivan


Master of Arts in Counseling      

Licensed Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Provisional Licensed 

                       Mental Health Practitioner                                                             



 My Bachelors degree in psychology is from the University of Nebraska, to which I added a masters degree in mental health counseling years later. These educational experiences included training in dynamic group therapy, solution-focused  brief therapy, Rogerian person-centered, and Jungian philosophy, and each modality has proven to help my clients address challenging mental health concerns. 


 I have counseled adolescents and young adults, as well as women and men of every other age. I offer everyone an opportunity to develop a therapeutic relationship based on trust and empathy, in order to discover the roots of any presenting problem. Together, we can work to ease the pressure, develop goals and take steps toward them.

Addiction counseling is also a specialty of mine. It was the first license I received. As a dually credentialed substance use and mental health clinician, I believe that both systems contribute to a more rounded and informed strategy to this difficult and yet solvable problem. 

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